Pricing built for businesses of all sizes

All plans can be cancelled every month, we offer 100% refunds in case TokFuel doesn't work.

TokFuel Lite
/ month

A lite plan to get started with TokFuel

50 searches per month
24/7 access to support
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TokFuel Basic
/ month

A basic plan to get more out of TokFuel

100 searches per month
24/7 access to support
Priority access to support
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TokFuel Premium
/ month

A premium plan to get the most out of TokFuel

300 searches per month
24/7 access to support
Priority access to support
Personal consultation for choosing influencers
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Frequently asked questions

In case your questions are still unanswered, make sure to either send us an e-mail or start a live chat. For questions about the service and its features, please have a look at the FAQ section on the homepage.

Can I start searching for free first?

No, we do not offer a free trial. However, you can watch this quick video to see exactly what TokFuel works like.

Is my billing recurring?

Yes, you will automatically be billed monthly unless you decide to cancel your plan. Cancelling your plan can be done every month.

Can I get more monthly searches?

Yes you can! If you are looking for a bigger plan, please contact our support team via the live chat or e-mail. We will offer you a personalized quote.

What is your refund policy?

We offer a 100% refund when there is an error on our side. If you find out that TokFuel doesn't suit your needs after getting a plan, you can cancel the plan immediately and only pay for one month.

What information do I get with 1 search?

One search means one set of results, results usually consist of a list with 500 - 1000 profiles. Of which around 10 - 25% have an email.