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Export a list of hundreds of influencers in your niche and access all their data and contact details with one click of a button.

Grow your brand and drive more sales from influencer marketing

Are you looking for TikTok influencers to promote your store but don't know where to find them? Simply provide us with your niche and we will provide you with a list of all the relevant influencers who reach your target customers, including their contact details.

How it works


Perform a search based on your niche, and we will start searching.


Receive an email when your results are ready.


Export the list and filter through all the data.

Frequently asked questions

In case your questions are still unanswered, make sure to either send us an e-mail or start a live chat. For questions about pricing, please have a look at the FAQ section on the pricing page.

Do I need a TikTok account to use the service?

No! You do not need a TikTok account to use TokFuel. All the searching is done on our end.

What information do I get with 1 search?

One search means one set of results, results usually consist of a list with a few hundred profiles. Of which around 10 - 25% have an email. You will also get all statistics on the influencers, such as followers, engagement rate, shares and more.

Why would I want to search for influencers on TikTok?

TikTok is currently the largest growing platform worldwide. A lot of creators have a huge audience that you can leverage to promote your brand.

How does the service work?

When you pass in your hashtag, TokFuel will look for content creators who are currently going trending with that hashtag. After that, you will be able to export the full list of creators, including all of their data.

Can I get started for free?

No, we do not offer a free trial. However, you can watch this quick video to see exactly what TokFuel works like.